viZaar industrial imaging AG

As unique inspection camera specialist with more than 25 years of experience in the total spectrum of light, from visual, over thermal, to ultra violet light, the viZaar industrial imaging AG is one of the leading industrial companies in the sector of non-destructive testing with video endoscopes, thermal imaging and high speed cameras. In addition to the production, repair, distribution and rental of serial products, we are specialized in the development and production of customized visual inspection solutions. We manufacture the extra ordinary: Quality, technical sophistication and expertise are our top priority at viZaar.


History of viZaar

  • 2019

    Introducing the world’s first articulating 6.1 mm probe with up to 30 m lenght – the VUMAN 6.1 mm video probe

    German sales partner of Flyability: distribution of indoor UAV drones

  • 2018

    Sales / Service / Training Center Rhein-Main moves to a new location


  • 2017

    viZaar surpasses 100 employees

    Further development of VUMAN E3+ and VUCAM Series

  • 2013

    Integration of industrial endoscopes by Richard Wolf


  • 2012

    viZaar North America

  • 2010

    Acquisition of FORT SA, France


  • 2008

    45 employees

    + VUMAN R-AY

    + UVin

  • 2007

    Foundation of viZaar South East Asia SDN BHD.

    Certifications: DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001, SCCP, KTA 1401


  • 2005

    First videoscope with remote focus 8 mm

    28 employees

    viZaar moves to own operating area

  • 2004

    Foundation of the viZaar sales & service center Rhein-Main


  • 2003

    World’s thinnest inspection camere DE 2.4 mm, today known as VUFLEX

  • 2001

    Change to “viZaar industrial Imaging AG”

    First SNK sold


  • 2000

    viZaar’s first patent

    Revolver 12.7 mm

  • 1999

    Relocation to commercial space

    6 employees


  • 1998

    + thermal imaging

    + high speed imaging

  • 1997

    Foundation of “viZaar industrial video” in Albstadt


Working at viZaar

viZaar has appointed many new employees every year since its establishment in 1997. Today we are a healthy team with energetic and experienced professionals waiting with curiosity to your application.
Do you want to know more about working at viZaar? Then have a look at our career page!