Conventional industrial endoscopes

In addition to high end video endoscopes and inspection cameras for a wide range of applications such as tank and pipe inspections or areas that are difficult to access at long distances, we also offer a large selection of conventional industrial borescopes for direct visual inspection.


Field of Application of Industrial Borescopes

  • Automotive / machinery / aviation industry
  • Quality management of gears, motors, turbines and cooling units
  • Visual testing of casting in foundries
  • Inspection of bores for burrs in the machining industry
  • Testing for cavity sealing
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Testing for thermal insulation
  • Search for corrosion scars and discoloration

Optical Industrial Endoscopes by viZaar

Conventional industrial endoscopes are often referred to as “optical endoscopes”. This term includes rigid and flexible endoscopes, also called borescopes and fiberscopes, which transmit the image without signal conversion. These endoscopes are used in direct visual examination. We offer a wide range of industrial endoscopes in different sizes and lengths, so you will always have the right optical aid at hand. Furthermore, we offer additional accessories for illumination, stabilization and for changing DOV and FOV.

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FAQ Everything You Need to Know about Borescopes

Industrial borescopes include both rigid borescopes and flexible borescopes. The difference is that borescopes are rigid lens systems, while fiberscopes are flexible endoscopes that transmit the image via optical fibers instead of lenses. Thus, rigid industrial endoscopes are more robust and durable. Fiberscopes, on the other hand, are more flexible and can be much thinner. There are even fiberscopes with articulatable tips.  

“Industrial endoscopes” is the generic term for industrially applicable endoscopes and endoscope cameras. These include borescopes, fiberscopes and videoscopes. Conventional industrial endoscopes are tools for direct visual inspection. 

As you might guess from the name, industrial endoscopes are needed to inspect small cavities such as boreholes in the industrial sector. This is often done as part of quality assurance and final inspections. Industrial endoscopes are used particularly often in automotive and aerospace industries, as well as in foundries for inspecting castings. But industrial endoscopes are also used for maintenance and troubleshooting. In general, they are needed everywhere where small cavities need to be inspected.  

Conventional industrial endoscopes are usually not illuminated. If the inspection environment is too dark, an external light source has to be connected. For that reason, industrial endoscopes have a so-called light guide connection. The endoscope is connected to a stationary light source via this light guide. For mobile use, however, there are also battery-powered light sources that are screwed directly onto the light guide connection. 

Frequently used accessories for industrial endoscopes are external light sources, mirror tubes, strengthening tubes and guide tubes. Some borescopes can also be modified by adding or changing the optic in order to adjust direction and field of view.

That depends on the application. If you have relatively short, straight cavities to inspect, then you are better off with a rigid borescope. Rigid industrial endoscopes also give you much more customization options (e.g., interchangeable optics and mirror tubes). However, if your inspection environment is not straight, but has bends or requires any kind of flexibility in some way, a fiberscope is a better choice. You can support a fiberscope with a reinforcement sleeve if needed, but a borescope will never become more flexible.   

You can buy endoscopes directly from viZaar – quality directly from the manufacturer. We offer a huge selection of industrial endoscopes and other inspection cameras and equipment. In addition, we are known for our after-sales service. With us, it doesn’t stop after the purchase. We are there for you whenever you need help or advice.   

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