Pipe Camera Revolver 80

The leading inspection system for visual inspection of orbital welds in large diameter pipelines.

The perfect inspection camera for pipe wall and weld seam inspections. The Revolver 80 is a dual view inner pipe inspection camera for remote visual inspection of pipelines from 80 mm inner pipe diameter. The Revolver 80 pipe inspection camera has a dual camera head with DOV 0° (straight view) and DOV 90° (side view) with endless 360° rotation for the inspection of orbital welds.

Revolver 80 pipe camera

Best control and documentation through connecting to our MATRIX E3


Optional work lengths up to 150 m


Side view camera with endless 360° rotation for optimized orbital weld seam inspection.


High performance LEDs


High performance LEDs


Straight view camera for an overview of the whole pipe

Pipe inspection camera Revolver 80 at one glance

  • Optional work lengths up to 150 m
  • Exact recording of details with up to 10x zoom
  • High performance LEDs for optimum illumination of the pipe
  • Best orientation due to the additional straight view camera
  • Position memory and auto return
  • Auto levelling for constant position inside the pipe
  • Precise control via joystick or software
  • Best control and documentation through connecting to our MATRIX E3
  • Extensive accessories

Pipe inspection camera with dual camera head

The Revolver 80 pipe camera has a dual camera head with continuous 360° rotation. The front camera with DOV 0° is particularly suitable for orientation when driving through the pipe. In addition, it offers a foresighted overview of the inner pipe. With the DOV 90° side view camera you can inspect the inner wall of the pipe precisely piece by piece and carry out weld seam or orbital weld seam inspections. Both cameras of the Revolver 80 are equipped with high performance LED illumination. The side view camera also has a 10x optical zoom for optimum defect contrast, even on coated, electro polished and highly reflective surfaces.

Revolver 80 pipe camera

Panoramic view through endless 360° rotation

The Revolver 80 is a special pipe inspection camera. Besides the dual camera, it also has an endless and infinitely variable 360° camera rotation. The rotation of the pipe camera can be precisely controlled via joystick. With the panorama scanning function, the Revolver 80 inspects weld seams and pipe walls accurately and delivers complete inspection results of the complete inner wall or weld seam. With this unique pipe camera you can inspect orbital welding seams precisely and quickly. In addition, use the 10x optical zoom of the side view camera to capture and document even the smallest details.

weld seam

Best orientation

The camera coordinates of the pipe camera are shown on a position display and can be documented if required. Never lose track of your pipe inspection. Our Revolver 80 offers an auto levelling function. This feature makes sure that your camera is always positioned correctly. The position memory of the Revolver 80 offers a quick start for recurring visual inspections without having to search for significant positions again.

pipe camera with levelling

Control and documentation

For excellent camera control and documentation, combine the Revolver 80 with our MATRIX E3 documentation unit. With the MATRIX E3 you can remotely control the SNK 60x and the pipe camera Revolver 80, without the need to enter the application. Up to 150 m working length create a safe working environment for you and your staff. Document your visual inspection (VT) on the internal SSD of the documentation platform, take measurements and note important comments directly on the inspection image.

control and documentation of pipe inspections via MATRIX E3

Pipe camera accessories

As for all our inspection cameras, we also offer extensive accessories for the Revolver 80 pipe camera. In addition to a spare camera head and optionally longer system cables, you can also obtain fiber optic push rods and push aids in various diameters, centering rings and centering spiders specially made for the pipe camera for pipe inside diameters up to 1.5m. You need special accessories for your application which you cannot find in our catalogue? No problem! viZaar is specialized in the production of special solutions. Feel free to contact us!

Revolver inside centering device

With the Revolver 80 pipe camera, you can finish your inspections completely and with an all-round view.

The Revolver 80 is particularly convincing in these areas:

  • Pipe Inspection
  • Weld seam testing
  • Inspection of inner pipe walls
  • Sewer Inspection


Do you need help with your remote visual inspection? Or are you perhaps looking for an inspection system, but don’t know which one is most suitable for your application? Contact us! Together, we will find the right solution or service for you!

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