Motorized retrieval tools

In order to guarantee the successful retrieval of foreign objects from systems and plants, viZaar is offering a wide range of non-motorized as well as motorized retrieval tools. The use of motorized retrieval tools that are able to actually grab and hold objects can play a decisive role for the successful FOSAR.

retrieval tools GR8 and GR16

Motorized retrieval tool GR 8 for retrieval of medium-sized and smaller objects


Motorized retrieval tool GR 16 for retrieval of big objects

Motorized retrieval tools by viZaar

GR 8

GR8 im Rohr
  • Outer diameter of 8.4 mm (when closed)
  • 4.5 mm diameter of push rods
  • Glass fiber reinforced plastic push rods
  • Working lengths up to 30 m
  • Single piece glass fiber push rod with integrated power supply – no external connections needed
  • Interchangeable gripper head

GR 16

GR 16 in pipe
  • Outer diameter of 16 mm (when closed)
  • Head length: 206 mm
  • Opening angle of the grabber: 160°
  • Standard work length of 15 m, optional lengths up to 30 m possible
  • Designed for the retrieval of big objects
  • Interchangeable grabber tools
  • Three different push rods for best possible flexibility

Motorized retrieval tools in detail

Smallest motorized retrieval tool GR 8

Our  compact  retrieval gripper GR 8 is  among the  smallest devices of its kind worldwide  and sets new standards in retrieval technology.  With a diameter  of only 8.4 mm and a narrow, glass fiber reinforced push rod measuring  only 4.5 mm, the GR 8 is not only distinguished by its compactness but is also waterproof. This small, yet extremely effective gripping tool thus represents a significant expansion of your equipment and offers great support. The electrical supply and control of the gripper are ensured by the permanently integrated, up to 30 m long glass fiber push rod. This design gives the GR 8 the stability to grasp and move larger objects in your application.

Furthermore, the gripper head of the GR 8 is flexibly interchangeable and can thus be equipped on-site, depending on the specific need, with either a mouse tooth gripper or a T-Rex gripper. This adaptability ensures that the GR 8 is versatile and can perfectly adapt to the respective requirements of your retrieval operations.

The big retrieval tool GR 16

Regarding performance, the  GR 16 is an absolute pioneer. The GR 16 was specifically developed for the retrieval of medium-sized and large foreign objects. Depending on the specific requirements of your retrieval operation, you can either use the large, wide-grip “Alligator” attachment or opt for a three-fingered gripping tool. The control of the GR 16 is via a connection cable and the efficient push rod quick coupling system, which ensures quick and safe handling. The standard working length of the motorized gripper is 15 m, but there is the option to order an extended length of up to 30 m upon request. The fiberglass push rod set, consisting of three different hardness levels, allows you optimal guidance and the best possible flexibility to reach the retrieval site.

viZaar retrieval tool sets with motorized retrieval tools

A comprehensive assortment of retrieval tools is essential for professional Foreign Object Search and Retrieval (FOSAR) operations. Consequently, we have assembled a variety of retrieval tool kits tailored to meet your needs. These kits come in three distinct variations, including options with and without motorized retrieval tools. If such a set piques your interest, we invite you to explore further details about our retrieval tool kits.

retrieval tools

For additional details about our retrieval tools and tool kits, please refer to our leaflet and catalogue. Should you have any further inquiries regarding our tools or other inspection equipment, feel free to contact us at your convenience!


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