Emergency repair and NDT Services

In case of emergency, we are there for you 24/7! Some inspection tasks require immediate action and cannot wait for official business hours. Therefore, in case of emergency, our service technicians are always available at the following telephone numbers:

VT emergency service

Unser 24h Notfall Service

Rund um die Uhr für Sie da

viZaar emergency Service Icon

Visual testing and foreign object retrieval outside business hours:

Tel.: +49 172 7245270

Tel.: +49 171 6422761

Visual testing and foreign object retrieval during business hours:

For inquiries during our business hours please call +49 7432 98375-0.

Usual repair inquiries

For any other inquiries or questions feel free to contact us via phone: +49 7432 98375-0 , e-mail: info@vizaar.com or by using our contact form.

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