Elios 3 Roadshow in Weilmünster

On June 28, 2022, we welcomed numerous guests to the official presentation and first flight of Flyability’s latest indoor drone, the Elios 3, on German ground.   

This action-packed Tuesday at the viZaar training center Rhein Main started comfortably with a cup of coffee for everyone and the welcoming by our sales director Torsten Teller. Around 10 am Johannes Mendgen from our partner Flyability started with his presentation of the new indoor drone.   

To show that the amazing features of the Elios 3 are not just empty words, we then took the bus to the live demonstration in the Kubach crystal cave. For the general well-being and personal safety of our guests, we distributed hearing protection and FFP2 masks on the way there, which could be worn in the cave.   

Once we arrived at our destination, we descended a staircase into the cool depths of the crystal cave, where two members of the Kubach Cave Association presented us with some general information about this unique location. As the only calcite crystal cave in Germany, it is definitely worth a visit.   

In one of the underground cave rooms, our team had already prepared everything for the flight. Marcel Mill, our contact person for Elios drones, explained the general plan, then the Elios 3 took off. While Simon Kumm from Inspecdrone explored the inside of the cave with the Elios 3 and simultaneously created a 3D map, we were all able to follow the drone’s view via monitors placed in the cave.  

Around noon, we took the bus back to the training center, where we held a nice BBQ and provided the guests with delicious grilled food.   

After the refreshments, the program continued. Simon, who had flown the drone earlier, now shared and evaluated the results he had created with the additionally available software from GeoSLAM. As we can see here, a comprehensible digital twin of the inside of the crystal cave was created:  

The grand finale was the part of our drone event that our guests were probably looking forward to the most: test flying. Guided by our Flyability colleague Manuel Schaller, everyone who felt like it was able to have a little fun with the Elios 3 on our specially built test track in our roof.   

With this, another exciting drone demo event came to a successful end. We would like to thank all participants for their contributions and support and also the guests for their visit and for the positive feedback we have received so far!