Documentation systems

In addition to the inspection of potentially dangerous spots and defects, the documentation of the inspection data plays an equally important role in remote visual inspection. For this reason, we attach great importance to providing you with documentation systems that enable you to reproducibly document your visual inspection and to process and analyse your results.

VUVISION – the documentation unit for conventional endoscopes

If you need reproducible documentation for your visual inspection with conventional industrial endoscopes, our VUVISION/VUVISION+ is the right documentation system for you! Modern technology and Full HD resolution make the VUVISION the ultimate all-in-one solution for your visual inspection with borescopes and fiberscopes.  Furthermore, the ergonomic VUSCOPE probe handle allows you to integrate a wide range of other probes. Add all necessary data to your inspection image and save it to your storage medium at the push of a button. Optional software makes it possible to connect the VUVISON to your computer and benefit from useful additional features such as video recording and instant reporting.



MATRIX E3 – the ultimate documentation system for inspection cameras

Our MATRIX E3 is the ultimate all-in-one documentation solution for your visual testing with inspection cameras. The MATRIX E3 was developed especially for the use with our SNK tank camera and the pipe camera Revolver 80. However, this documentation system is also suitable for operation with other external inspection cameras of your choice.
Benefit from the multifunctionality, the intuitive user interface and individually created archives and folder structures for each inspection camera connected. Get documentation and data backup in a fast workflow without changing systems. From the smallest borescope to the large pan-tilt-zoom inspection camera: the processing versatility of the MATRIX E3 enables accurate and high-quality images as well as their precise documentation and evaluation.

matrix documentation screen


Do you need advice on our documentation systems or inspection cameras? Or do you have requirements that none of our serial products seems to fulfil? Then contact us for personal advice on your application and possible modification of our systems.

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