Guide Tubes

Guide tubes are often used to reach areas that are difficult to access with endoscopes, for example in turbine testing. To make accessing these areas easier for you, we offer a wide range of guide tubes with and without articulation for remote visual inspection and FOSAR.

Articulating guide tubes

The integrated working channel allows the guidance of flexible endoscopes, videoscopes and video endoscopes as well as retrieval tools with an outer diameter of up to 6 mm or 9 mm. The articulation is controlled by two rotary handles. The operator can move the tools axial inside the tube, offering an additional axis to reach out with the grabber or adding an additional lift and rotating axis to your inspection camera. Sometimes, this is the only possibility to reach the point of interest.

Diameter: 19 mm to 22 mm

Working channel: 6.3 mm to 9 mm

Articulation: 4 x 110° / 4 x 90°

Non-articulating guide tubes

Rigid and semi-flexible guide tubes are often used to stabilize flexible video probes and to bridge gaps, in order to reach the desired position faster. Furthermore, using guide tubes protects your endoscopes from sharp edges and cuts, thus reducing wear and tear on your systems.

Diameter: 5.5 mm to 14 mm

Working channel: 3.7 mm to 8.4 mm

Construction: Rigid / Semi-rigid / Flexible

guide tubes with and without articulation


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