UAV Drones

The use of UAV drones becomes more and more popular in many industrial sectors. Understandable, since visual inspection with unmanned aerial vehicles has many advantages.

Advantages of the use of UAV drones

  • Flying drones do not require expensive and complex scaffolding
  • No need for cranes, helicopters or industrial climbers
  • Increase the safety of personnel
  • High-resolution image quality in both real image (VIS) and thermal image (IR)
  • Live streaming for immediate evaluation
  • Our experienced UAV drone pilots will help and advise you

Versatile outdoor drones

Using outdoor drones is a great way to get an overview of your whole plant. Flying drones are also ideal for external inspections of buildings, for checking high-voltage lines and for testing PV & solar systems. Our outdoor drones are also equipped with both real image and thermal image cameras, which helps you analyse the condition of your systems and to help find defects that cannot be seen with the naked eye. More about our outdoor drones…

DJI Matrice


Do you need help with your remote visual inspection? Or are you perhaps looking for an inspection system, but don’t know which one is most suitable for your application? Contact us! Together, we will find the right solution or service for you!

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