The SNK 60x – As mobile as never before

SNK 60x vessel

We are proud to announce the 5th generation of our successful PTZ inspection camera: The SNK 60x!
Benefit from well-known and useful functions, such as Run & Scan automatic, X/Y position display and position memory, and experience unique new features, like the 10x improved light sensitivity, doubled wide dynamic range and the macro function.

Perform vessel inspections more mobile than ever:

Inspections in hazardous environments are often problematic due to the lack of power supply. For that reason, we have equipped the SNK and MATRIX E3 with a new additional battery option, which allows you to work up to 5 hours independently from the mains power! The 36V battery is commercially available. Decide for yourself if you need battery operation and if so, how many batteries are necessary for your testing tasks. Of course, you can also always purchase them later on.

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