Changes that are Visible

We are welcoming the new year with some great news: Our VUSCREEN, which has been tried and tested for 12 years, has received an upgrade – the largest touchscreen on the market for inspection systems has been reinvented.
Significantly brighter and crystal-clear inspection images in exceptionally natural colors. That’s what you get with the new touchscreen control unit for MATRIX and VUMAN!


Of course, the VUSCREEN maintains all its well-known features. Thanks to the robust carbon fiber housing with all-round elastomer impact protection and the fact that it can be operated with gloves, the VUSCREEN is not at all affected by harsh operating environments. The intuitive operability via joystick, slidebars and direct access keys is also unchanged.

Additionally, you can now look forward to:

  • A higher display resolution of 1440 x 1080 px
  • A higher luminance of 850 cd/m²
  • An extended color space

Downward Compatible to Predecessor Models

As always, we also attach great importance to the fact that our loyal customers who still use predecessor models of our current inspection systems can also benefit from the upgrade. So, for example, if you still have a VUMAN RA-Y in use, it will also be operable with the new VUSCREEN after a firmware update.

Discover the VUMAN E3/E3+ in a Completely New Way

No matter in which combination – the new VUSCREEN will always impress you. Together with the VUMAN, however, you will benefit in a special way:
While the improved brightness and the enlarged color space provide a realistic, natural color representation, the combination of the higher display resolution and our patented Remote Focus technology gives you sharp, crystal-clear inspection images.

Vuman E3 new screen

Any Questions?

Do you have any questions regarding the new VUSCREEN or are you uncertain whether it is compatibel to your inspection system? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Reach out to us via phone: +49 7432 98375-0 , e-mail: or by using our contact form.

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