The New Elios 3

The first collision-tolerant drone with LiDAR sensor

A Revolution of Indoor Drone Inspections

Finally! On May 19, Flyability has launched their new indoor inspection drone Elios 3. While the Elios 2 represented a proud upgrade of the Elios 1, the Elios 3 moves in different spheres.

The Facts

– LiDAR Sensor and FlyAwareTM Engine
– 3D-modelling “on the fly”
– More than 12.5 h flight time
– 4K visual camera and thermal camera
– 180° field of view
– Up to 16K Lumen LED illumination
– Modular system
– Inspector 4.0 software with 3D map viewer

The Advantages

– Live-time 3D-modelling: no more entering the application necessary. The Elios 3 can be operated BVLOS ( = beyond visual line of sight)
– Points of interest can be marked and saved for later analysis
– Individually adjustable due to modular design
– Stable flight and maneuvering through FlyAware™ engine
– Simultaneous thermal imaging possible
– Professional reports with new Inspector 4.0 software

Elios 3 neues Design

Elios 3 Demo Day at viZaar

On June 28, you can have a look at the Elios 3 at our Sales, Service and Training Center Rhein-Main. Look forward to an exciting live presentation of the Elios 3 and afterwards you can even test-fly it!
Register here for this free drone demonstration day:

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